Accurately and conveniently measures and monitors the bilirubin levels, to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia

Perfect for use in NICU, Newborn Nursery, Mother’s Room or Pediatrician’s Office

The Transcutaneous Bilirubin Meter

The BiliCare System measures the level of bilirubin using a patented technology to provide accurate results. The system measures it by transmitting light at different wavelengths through the outer ear. The amount of light absorbed by the bilirubin is calculated according to customized algorithm

BiliCare TcB results correlate with TSB!

As a non-invasive measuring device it reduces the risk of infections, so you can take as many measurements as often as you want, and they can be performed by any nurse.

Using BiliCare improves processes

The BiliCare dramatically improves the jaundice screening process. Immediate feedback within seconds, rather than doing time consuming blood draws, waiting to get results from the laboratory.

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We are happy to share with the thousands and thousands of BiliCare users around the world, the easy and effective way to use it. It is recommended to watch the totorials in the right order.

Avoid Re-Admission

Jaundice is the major reason for readmission of healthy newborn infants after discharge from hospital Hospital referrals are costly and complicated. Visual assessment alone is unreliable. Clinical decisions need to be taken. Having an immediate access to laboratory blood tests is not always realistic and therefore an available screening tool is required. No need to increase the stress for mothers and have the baby uncomfortable!

Ease of Use:

Simply press measure on the Home Screen to intiate the measurement process. Position the BiliCare clip on the baby’s ear to take your measurement. You are now ready to review your results or take additional measurements per your hospital protocol and device set-up.

Mom's & clinicians favorite

No laboratory is needed


Worldwide presence


Easy to use

Quick Measure

Endless benefits

The Best in Technology

is capable of working with or without disposable tip cover. LEDs do not require calibration, minimizing maintenance and cost associated with service. Long lasting, rechargeable battery with cradle allows extended use and ease of recharging. Unique software that displays the results in tables and graphs. These may be printed and exported.

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The BiliCare is not yet approved for sale in the USA

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