The New Menntor X9

The latest state of the art vital sign monitor
Mennen Medical is proud to introduce the newest member of its monitoring family, the Menntor X9. Full monitoring capabilities in a 19″ Flat Touch Screen. Fits a wide range of hospital’s departments and clinical needs.

About Mennen’s Monitoring Offering

Mennen Medical Patient monitoring products are designed to provide the medical staff reliable and accurate information in real time. All the products can be customized according to the hospital and the various departments’ protocol, and thus we provide the customer with a high-quality product that enables quick access to the patient.

Menntor X7

The Menntor X7 is a Modular Patient Monitor, with a 15″ at screen display and more than 3 hours battery backup. It has an extensive storage capability of Full Disclosure, Charts, Trends and Event Strips. The Multi-Parameter Module (MX57) serves as a front end for vital signs acquisition while connected to the Menntor X7 host, and serves as a transport monitor with 5.7″ display when is taken out of the Menntor X7. All the data collected during transport can be imported to the host monitor to provide continuity of patient data.

VitaLogic 6000

The VitaLogik 6000, is a pre-configured multi-parameter patient bedside monitor with a 15″ flat screen display and a battery back-up. The Monitor is suitable for a broad range of patient applications within the Critical Care Units and Operating Rooms or any area of the hospital that requires large display solutions and enables LAN or WLAN connectivity. The Extensive storage capability is a part of the basic software package that enables long-term data storage.

VitaLogic 4000

The VitaLogik 4000 Series is a compact transport pre-configured multi-parameter patient monitoring system with a 12.1″ flat screen display and a battery back-up that suits a wide range of patient applications for Adults, Pediatrics & Neonates. The VitaLogik 4000 Series provides a solution for the whole hospital area with either a LAN or WLAN connectivity to the MenneNet Network.

Central Station and Connectivity

Mennen Medical has developed a wide area Network Solutions providing the constant flow of patient data throughout the hospital network with remote access to the monitors from any location. Connection with HIS or LIS is available by any of our models. Mennen Medical Ensemble Central Station is a system for central display of up to 16 patients which are connected through an Ethernet LAN to bedside monitors. The Ensemble  can connect to all Mennen Medical monitoring devices and displays various vital signs information collected such as: ECG, Arrhythmia, ST Segment, Respiration, Temperature, Invasive Blood Pressures, Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Pulse Oximetry, End Tidal CO2 and more. The Ensemble may be used in many different clinical specialties within the hospital.

The Enguard Remote Monitor provides an insight of any patient monitor that is connected to the Mennen Network, enabling either remote viewing only or both interactivity and remote viewing with the chosen bedside monitor.

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